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Our Policies


Guidance and discipline policy:

The centre’s policy is to provide a positive and consistent environment.  We like to have good communication when dealing with behaviour issues.  Our centre forbids anyone to physically, emotionally, or sexually abuse anyone at any time.  If there are any forms of abuse taken place we will take action immediately.

Time out is not a part of our program at Building Blocks Learning Centre.  However, we do use a thinking chair to have the child reflect their actions and talk about a more suitable solution for next time.

If there are any changes or stresses in your child’s life please inform the staff as these changes do affect behaviour.  If the staff is aware of any stresses we can be there to help the child with their personal needs.

Any child portraying challenging behaviour will be discussed with parents to develop a plan for management.  We will work together to minimize the behaviour to make it more manageable.

Health Policy

In order to keep our centre a healthy environment, sick or contagious children must stay at home until they are better.  If your child is having any of the following symptoms you must keep them home until they are no longer feeling them:

▪         Pain-Any complaints of unexplained or undiagnosed pain.

▪         Acute cold or fever, severe runny nose and eyes, coughing and sore throat (all       the above while child is contagious).

▪         Difficult breathing such as wheezing, or consistent cough.

▪         Fever (100F or 38.3C).

▪         Sore throat or difficulty swallowing.

▪         Infected skin or eyes, or an undiagnosed rash.

▪         Diarrhea.

▪         Nausea and/or vomiting.

▪         Headache or stiff neck.

▪         Severe itching of the body or scalp.

Children with unknown or suspected communicable diseases (example: Chicken pox.)If your child is sick please do not send them to school.  This will decrease the chances of spreading any germs around and keep the sickness to a minimal.  If a child begins to get sick at school we will call you.  If you are not available we will start calling the emergency contacts.

Immunization policy:

Please provide us with a copy of immunization records.  If you choose not to immunize your child you will be provided with a form stating you do not immunize.

Medication policy:

Our staff can only administer medication (prescription or non-prescription) when a Permission Administer Form has been filled out and signed by the parent. All medications must be in their original containers showing dosages and information. The forms can be picked up at our centre. The medications will be kept in a locked up location.

Attendance Policy:

Licensing requires all parents to sign their child in & out!

We want to make sure all children are safe at all  times.  In order to provide safe, quality care it is mandatory all parents sign their child in and out when coming to the centre.  If a parent does not sign their child in they will be called immediately to come back and do so.  CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SIGN THEMSELVES IN OR OUT.  Sign in sheets are provided on a daily basis by the entrance and exit of the classroom.

Release of a child: Only People who are written on the registration form will be the only people that may pick up a child from the centre.  If a parent writes a note or calls the centre we may make considerations to the pickup list.  PICTURE ID IS REQUIRED IF IT IS NOT A PARENT PICKING UP.  If there is any custody issues we will have to have a copy of the custody agreement to withhold a child from the parent.  Children under the age of 14 are NOT allowed to pick up any child in the centre.

Absences: If your child is not going to be attending the centre please call us so we know not to expect you.  If you do not call we will take the following action:






Withdrawal Policy:

Parents are to provide one month’s notice of withdrawal in written form to the owner.  All cheques will be shred after the months notice, or given back to the parent if requested.  If there is a child apart of our centre that causes any harm to anyone, or puts anyone in danger we have the right to immediately withdrawal them from the centre without retribution.