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Summer Program

Summer Program

Our summer program is full of fun activities, field trips, cooking days, and water park visits.  We want to have the children in our care have the most fun, and best experience by not only learning new fun activities at daycare, but also get familiar with their community.  Each year we put together a summer program that best fits the children in our centre in a creative, and active way!

The children are given Building Blocks Learning Centre t-shirts that are the same colour to ensure that staff is able to keep a watchful eye on them during outings and ensure the best safety.

Summer Fees:

Already enrolled children- $625 per month.

Summer only children- $750 per month.

This will include care, field trips, transportation, cooking days, hot lunch days, arts and crafts and appropriate staffing.

Field trips: Please make sure your child is at the centre at the times given on the calendar.  REMEMBER sometimes it takes longer than anticipated getting back to the centre so please give us 20 minutes after the given time just incase.

Summer Supplies: REQUIRED DAILY

  • sunscreen (on before they come to ensure it is on everywhere; we will re-apply with spray)
  • hat– this will protect them from the sun because we go outside every day)
  • water bottle– this way they stay hydrated and it can be refilled where ever we are
  • backpack– for all their belongings for the day
  • inside shoes– to keep the centre clean