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School Age Program

School Age Program

Our school age program is a positive place where kids can learn, play, and socialize in a fun, easy going way!  We provide many different activities for the children to explore, create, and learn at all ages.

Feel free to have a read through our school age parent handout by clicking Here

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Our School Aged Schedule (school months):

7:00am  Doors Open/Quiet Games & Activities

8:00am  Clean Up Time-children work together to clean all activites

8:15am   Breakfast or Snack Time- Children arrive at all different times so this is last call for morning snack

8:35am   1 choice activity- quiet games, worksheets, arts, manipulatives are set out.

8:45am   Pack up for School Time- get all their stuff ready for school.

2:45pm   Attendance/Welcome/Free Play/Homework- teachers help the students with their homework each day so they don’t have so much to take home

3:15pm   Clean up Time-children work together to clean up their activites

3:25pm   Snack Time- We have our last snack as a group to keep them full until dinner time

3:45pm    Clean up/ Pack For Home- all homework, art work, and papers are put in their backpack for home time.

3:55pm    Story Time- The children read the book to promote self achevement, public speaking, and self confidence (children who cant read use a CD book).

4:00pm    Outside Time (Gross Motor)- this time is used to let the children run and play after a long day in school.

5:00pm    Inside Time/1 Choice Activity- quiet activites are put out while children wait for their parents.

6:00pm    Home Time/Centre Closed- please be on time; it is a dollar a minute parents are late.